Vicar St John's Walmley

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Walmley, Sutton Coldfield Birmingham

St John’s is an evangelical church situated in a suburb of Sutton Coldfield to the North of Birmingham on the edge of countryside. We are a church with 3 congregations, 1 of which is an embryonic church plant at the edge of a proposed new development of 6000 homes.

St John's is situated in a suburb of Sutton Coldfield to the North of Birmingham and on the edge of countryside. Our church was founded in 1845 and for the last 100 years has been part of Church of England Birmingham, in the Sutton Deanery.
Since the start we have been fully rooted in an orthodox, evangelical tradition which continues to this day. Our passion is to grow and build community in and beyond the church based on the life-changing good news of Jesus. We are an evangelical church with a charismatic leaning, with an emphasis on the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and are particularly nourished by clear, thoughtful Bible teaching. Church members have a broad range of Christian experience and conviction from conservative to charismatic and we seek to respect each other's views, working for unity, evangelism and outreach based on the authority of the Scripture.

We are praying for a Vicar whose own relationship with Jesus will enable them lead, teach, challenge and care for us as we move forward in mission. In particular, we are looking for someone who is:
A Bible Preacher
This church has been blessed with a high standard of Bible teaching in recent years. It is important that Biblical based sermons and other Bible based teaching continues.
Passionate about evangelism with a heart for mission to the community.
The church has a good level of engagement with the local community, but there is a need for evangelistic work through these links to draw people in to a relationship with Jesus. This is particularly important, bearing in mind the 6,000 planned new homes in the parish and the number of visitors who only seem to come for a few weeks.
A motivational Leader
The size of the church requires a leader who is able to motivate the whole church to engage in a common vision that will result in growth, both in numbers, depth of faith and commitment. In addition, the sizeable team of clergy and staff needs a team leader who can be responsible for both the line management and the development of the team members. We expect the Vicar to chair PCC meetings. A strategic review of our buildings has not been carried out for some time and so some experience in this area would be helpful.
A Worship Enabler
There has been gradual change in the nature and content of the Sunday services and there is an expectation that this development would continue. We have only a few musical worship leaders for a church of this size and there is a need to encourage the development of our worship.
Able to Nurture a Shared Unity
The membership of the church comes from a wide range of denominational backgrounds. Similarly, there is a wide age range within the congregations and we need an incumbent who can knit together the varying needs of our members in a shared unity.
An Encourager and Discipler
The church uses the gifts given by the Holy Spirit to our members and is keen to continue the prayerful discernment of these gifts and encouragement of their use within the life of the church.
A Person with a Pastoral Heart
Within the church there are a number of people with a heart for pastoral work. We seek to encourage this within the context of the ministry of all believers, but would expect the Vicar to engage with and provide oversight for this work.
We will pray for, support and encourage our Vicar in their ministry. We will expect our Vicar to take both their rest days and annual leave entitlement on a regular basis. We would also expect that they will partake in appropriate continuing ministerial education, Diocesan training and retreats where the church will fund all necessary expenses in accordance with its policies.

With this new and exciting opportunity we are looking for a Vicar who is

  • a Bible preacher
  • a person with a heart for evangelism and mission
  • a motivational leader
  • a worship enabler
  • an encourager and discipler
  • a person with a pastoral heart
  • a person who can see the potential for using buildings in a new way

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