Ordained Leader of Urban Hope

This job has now expired

Urban Hope is a relatively young pioneer church formed 7 years ago to reach people (especially the vulnerable and isolated) in the centre of Coventry - an increasingly vibrant and progressive city. The church operates primarily from a coffee shop in the city centre arcade, and has grown to over 100 people across the various services, and who enthuse about their ‘different’ styles of church.

The role of this post is to lead the churches in fulfilling the Diocesan Mission Purpose of:

  • Worshipping God
  • Making New Disciples
  • Transforming Communities

This will be achieved by developing 8 essential qualities in the life of the church:

Empowering Leadership

Gift-oriented Ministry

Passionate Spirituality

Inspiring Worship

Holistic Small Groups

Need-oriented Outreach

Loving Relationships

Functional Structures

We would welcome candidates who are:

- Prayerful and passionate about Jesus, with a heart to reach out to a wide range of people including the most vulnerable. This will include the need for excellent Safeguarding skills, and ideally with community development , social work, or other related experience of working with vulnerable people and groups.

- Creative and inspiring leaders of worship which is accessible to vulnerable people without any previous church background.

- Empowering leaders, developing those who are often initially lacking in self-confidence and aspiration.

- Ready to take on the challenge of a church in a pioneering context like Urban Hope – a church without a typical church building, without ‘typical’ church people, and without a lot of financial clout!

- Welcoming, compassionate, fun loving and friendly, good at forming relationships with a wide range of people. This would ensure the continuation of one of the church’s strongest qualities, and live up to its name – URBAN HOPE!

For more information about this application process, please use this link

The Diocese of Coventry represents the Church of England in Coventry and Warwickshire. With our network of 200 parishes, we have a Christian presence in every local community. We have a rich variety of people and traditions, and yet we are united in our shared mission of "worshipping God ...making new disciples ...transforming communities".

To fulfil this mission, we want to grow healthy churches by fostering the 8 Essential Qualities as identified by the Institute of Natural Church Development.