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West Dulwich

Vicar, All Saints, West Dulwich

We are a lively, engaged congregation in South East London seeking to live more fully our Mission Statement 'One in Worship, Open in Faith, Outward in Community'. We are drawn together by our love for a thoughtful, challenging, liturgically-rich, inclusive, socially aware approach to Christianity.

For an informal chat with the archdeacon, the Venerable Simon Gates, please contact his PA, Romana Nelson to schedule a phone conversation - 020 8545 2442

We are seeking a priest with a strong, living and infectious faith who will develop our discipleship, nourish our stewardship and grow our connections with the community.

We are looking for someone who will:

• Combine intellectual rigour with prayerfulness and a lively capacity to preach and engage in theological debate;

• Be an empathetic pastor, able to communicate with a wide range of people;

• Encourage significant lay involvement;

• Be confident in managing complex resources and help an articulate and engaged congregation to adopt a more strategic approach to pastoral care and work in relation to social justice;

• Enable us to realise our vision for the church in the community, and in particular to increase the visibility of the church, the effectiveness of its outreach and help us more closely to reflect the community in which we serve;

• Support our liberal catholic and musical tradition, and be willing to explore the use of the creative arts to deepen and broaden our spirituality;

• Be inclusive in attitude both in the church and in the wider world, and help us to explore the challenges that being truly inclusive brings; and

• Be resilient and willing to seek appropriate support and supervision.

All Saints parish is a diverse area rather untypical of inner London and of the Borough of Lambeth in which it is situated. It is adjacent to affluent Dulwich Village, and there is a spill-over from the Village in terms of income, employment and ethnicity. The parish also contains areas of social deprivation, particularly on the estates of social housing.

We are drawn together by our love for a thoughtful, challenging, liturgically-rich, inclusive, socially aware approach to Christianity. We are blessed with talented members, a beautiful building and a wide variety of opportunities to broaden and deepen our discipleship and to help others to discover God’s love for them. We need someone to inspire us and to help us to focus and sustain our efforts.

In 2000 our church building was gutted by a fire. At first we had to concentrate on holding our community together and rebuilding the church but, for the last 12 years, we have been learning to reoccupy the space and re-assessing who we are and what is important to us. In 2016 we marked two significant anniversaries in the life of our church, celebrating ‘Faithfulness in the past; Renewal in the present; Hope for the future’. It is time to start writing the next chapter of our story, and we are seeking someone who will help us to discern what that story should be and support us in shaping it.

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