Director of Ordinands and Vocations Advisor

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Jubilee House, Westgate, Southwell
£42670 - £42670
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Helping all those whom God is calling to fulfil their vocation

Our Diocesan vision to ‘Grow Disciples: wider, younger, deeper’ has stirred people to explore their discipleship and vocation across the diocese. During this season of growth and change within the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham, we seek to discern and develop new lay and ordained ministries across all our parishes. The Bishop’s appointment of a Director of Ordinands and Vocations Advisor is a strategically significant role which will release people into their ministries, across all ages, church traditions and contexts.

We are looking to appoint someone who can:-

Provide visionary leadership with the bishops, to support clergy and lay leaders in discerning, nurturing and fulfilling vocations in the whole body of Christ, with particular attention to ordained ministries.

Help the Diocese to meet its aspirations to substantially increase ordained and lay vocations over the next 5 years.

Meet the increased demand in vocational enquiries, through developing and leading an augmented team of 2 Assistant Diocesan Director of Ordinands (ADDO’s), supported by Vocational Accompaniers.

Widen participation and diversity in ministry, particularly from currently under-represented groups such as young people and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic vocations.

Play a key role within the team supporting the Diocesan Bishop and Director of Discipleship and Ministry in the training and pastoral care of curates.

Communicate the gospel clearly and authentically, flowing out from being a whole-life disciple of Christ, grounded in scripture and prayer.

Primary Purposes

On behalf of the diocesan bishop, to work with parishes, clergy, lay minsters and the diocesan discipleship and ministry team to seek out vocations to new and traditional forms of Christian ministry.

To develop policies and good practice to efficiently oversee the candidates from first enquiry, through to ‘Panel’, in collaboration with the Assistant Directors of Ordinands.

To ensure those exploring their sense of vocation to ordained ministry are supported and prepared for selection processes at both diocesan and national level, and to provide appropriate advice for the Bishop about sponsorship of ordination candidates.

Following selection, to offer subsequent direction to ordinands and curates in training, helping to negotiate their contextual placements and curacy deployment, facilitate training and provide ongoing pastoral support and oversight, from initial approach to final incumbency sign-off.

To establish, lead and sustain a small team of Assistant Directors of Ordinands (1 day per week) and Vocational Accompaniers who can actively identify and promote missional vocations to both ordained and licensed lay ministry.

To mentor and enable clergy and other church leaders to become more effective in discerning and nurturing vocations.

Secondary Purposes

To enable the implementation of the national church priorities for ‘Renewal and Reform’ and the diocesan vision to grow 7000 new disciples in the diocese by 2023. In particular, to develop younger vocations through active engagement with the colleges (including the Young Leadership College), schools and churches and to promote a diversity of vocations, with particular focus on encouraging ethic minority groups.

To foster a creative and critical relationship with training providers to provide excellence in missional training, theological literacy and practical preparation for ordinands and licensed lay ministers.

To deliver ongoing pastoral support and facilitate training to curates

The postholder will, being a person of spiritual depth:

  • be a priest of proven parochial experience in the Church of England (or a church in full communion with it)
  • be intuitive, sensitive and be able to demonstrate critical discernment.
  • have experience of working in the field of vocational discernment.

with the ability to.....

  • engage with and be at home in the breadth of the Church of England.
  • support with integrity both male and female candidates for ordained ministry.
  • form effective working relationships and build teams with a diverse range of people.
  • give clear, accurate and high-quality feedback to candidates after the interview and BAP processes.
  • sustain their personal devotional life in a demanding and sometimes isolated role.

The postholder will have

  • a living Christian faith grounded in worship, prayer and reading of the Scriptures, theologically literate to bear witness to the truth of the gospel, to resource and sustain this work.
  • a commitment to observing appropriate confidentiality and sensitivity.
  • a working awareness of the spiritual and psychological processes of human development combined with a practical knowledge of what makes people 'tick' and what motivates them in vocational choices.
  • an awareness of the complexities of situations where candidates are not recommended and the ability to handle these pastorally and sensitively.
  • good consultancy, organisational, communication, pastoral and interpersonal skills.


  • be able to write clear and concise reports.
  • be self-motivated with ability to work well both independently and as part of a team.
  • be prepared and willing to work outside office hours (including evenings and week-ends) as a normal feature of the post.
  • demonstrate enthusiastic engagement with their own professional development.

Remuneration: £42,670 salary plus 10% employer contribution to stakeholder pension (should the ordained employee wish to continue as a contributory member of the Church of England Clergy Pension Fund then they are able to make a salary sacrifice to cover the difference between 10% of salary and the current contribution level of Clergy Pension Fund).

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A Message from The Rt Revd Paul Williams, Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham

Thank you for your interest in the position of Director of Ordinands and Vocations Advisor for the diocese of Southwell and Nottingham. This role is strategically significant in the life of any diocese but we sense particularly so for us at this time of growth and change as we seek to discern and develop new lay and ordained ministries across all our parishes.

The Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham incorporates the City of Nottingham, the whole County of Nottinghamshire and five parishes in South Yorkshire. The population is 1.15 million – 51% live in the greater Nottingham conurbation, 31% in ex-mining areas and 18% in rural. There are 320 churches (252 parishes), served by 142 stipendiary clergy and licensed lay workers.

In 2016 a refreshed diocesan vision was embraced across the diocese, recognising the imperative for ‘Growing Disciples: Wider, Younger, Deeper’.

  • ‘Wider’ in that we will seek to grow disciples in every part of the diocese, with no retreat from any community: urban centre; outer estates; rural villages; or market towns.
  • ‘Younger’ in that we will seek fresh ways to harness the boldness and creativity of children, students and young people across the diocese, not least in Nottingham which is the 4th youngest city outside London.
  • ‘Deeper’ as we grow in knowing Christ, so that as his disciples we can be an increasing blessing to the people among whom we live and serve in the workplace, family and community.

The Bishop’s Senior Staff, Bishop’s Council and Diocesan Synod have demonstrated their clear commitment to sharing in all aspects of this vision and strategy. We discerned a series of emerging priorities to facilitate growing new disciples in every parish across the diocese. Following successful applications by the diocese of Southwell and Nottingham for Church Commission Strategic Development Funding in the region of £6m, we have already taken bold steps to realise our vision that, compelled by the love of Christ, by 2023 we seek to:

  • Welcome 7000 new disciples into the fellowship of Christ and his church
  • Commission 1000 younger leaders (especially 15-30 year olds) equipped and inspired to serve the purposes of God in the Church and society.
  • Plant or graft 75 New Worshipping Communities (NWCs) across the diocese to increase our reach in telling the story of Jesus to all.
  • Grow 25 larger Resource Churches with clear commitment to develop leaders, plant New Worshipping Communities, and disciple the young.
  • Serve and pray together as 1 Church contending for the gospel in every community and sphere of public life in our city, county and region.

It is in the context of this vision that we have already started to see an increase in vocational enquiries for both ordained and lay ministry, particularly from young people. To respond effectively to the God’s call to develop and release people into their ministries, we are now seeking to augment our Vocations and Ministry team under the leadership of a Diocesan Director of Ordinands and Vocations Advisor.

I believe that we are seeing first-hand the power and abundance of Jesus Christ at work through our churches as well as through our wider ministries in schools, universities, hospitals and prisons. In this season of unprecedented opportunity and change, this is indeed very exciting time to join with our diocesan mission, resourcing and equipping each worshipping community through creative leadership to develop discipleship, plan for growth and reach out afresh to the unchurched of all ages in its locality.

To find out more about the vision of our diocese, please take a look at our ‘Growing Disciples’ page at

A prayer
God of Mission,
who alone brings growth to your Church.
Send your Holy Spirit to bring vision to our planning,
wisdom to our actions, faith to our lives,
hope to our communities,
and love to our hearts,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.