Community and Events Development Officer

This job has now expired
Paulsgrove, Portsmouth
£25500 - £29000

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This is a unique and exciting business development role; an opportunity to both start a new business and to help transform a community. We are looking for an exceptional person with passion for improving lives, business sense and who is motivated by community development.

As a result of generous support from the Big Lottery we are renewing St Michaels and All Angels church in Paulsgrove, Hampshire and launching the St M’s Events Enterprise from here.

St M’s Events is a new energising community approach, offering new spaces, events packages and community opportunities, we want to create something really special that involves local people, generates a sustainable income and provides a positive place where people want to be.

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This role will be about building a local volunteer base, developing profitable events (weddings and parties), working across the community to positively engage with the overall ambition of the renewal project and much, much more.

The enterprise will be set up on a cooperative model, so enthusiasm, engagement and marketing will be key elements of the role.

Job purpose

We have had generous support from the Big Lottery and other supporters to undertake a significant refurbishment of St Michaels and All Angels in Paulsgrove. On completion of this work (autumn 2019) we will have an inspiring and contemporary series of spaces and a once in a lifetime chance to “relaunch” a renewed St Michaels (St M’s ) at the heart of its community, with new community spaces, new events packages and new energising community offers.

There are three key elements of the work that will need to be achieved (people development, product development and new community offers), without all three working we will not reach our ambitions.

Initially working with a general project manager (from the Council for Social Responsibility, Portsmouth Diocese ) and a small business development group made up of community champions, local residents and supporters, this role will need someone who is creative, confident and entrepreneurial.

People development

The core element of the model is the on-going involving and working with local people in running events and other activities, including new community activities. The intention is for the activities to generate sufficient income to sustain the new spaces, develop our brand and invest back into our community:

  • Leading the recruitment of new volunteers.
  • Provide high quality and fun volunteer development opportunities.
  • Work with the volunteer team to increase their confidence and skills so that by the end of the development period local people are leading events and seeing a tangible improvement in their own life and the life of their community.

Product development and marketing

We want to develop a strong and valued brand with reliable and affordable packages for events and our new contemporary community offers; including work with commercial (including where possible those with a social purpose) suppliers to underpin the delivery of affordable, quality and attractive events and activities:

  • Lead on the development of all aspects of event delivery, developing packages, budgets and client liaison
  • Develop high-quality branded marketing material to promote all cooperative activity.
  • Identify and negotiate with suppliers to underpin high-quality and affordable event etc. packages.

New community offers

We want to attract a set of new, positive and more contemporary community offers to inspire local people, improve the quality of life and generate sufficient income to cover our costs. We want these community offers to contribute to the quality and power of our brand and the overall ambition of a renewed St Michaels – we believe that a positive more contemporary brand/offers will reach new people and provide a positive environment to address the real challenges that are facing some people living in our community:

  • Develop positive packages for potential community offers that contribute to the overall renewal ambition and that will be viable after a short initial market-testing period.
  • Source and attract new and engaging contemporary offers that will inspire local people, build the St M’s brand and improve lives.
  • Work with new community offer providers and leaders to positively engage with the overall ambition of the renewal project and participate in shared brand development and shared-marketing efforts

General elements

  • Lead and facilitate early events/establish event and group templates.
  • Build and maintain a substantive database of local people who want to attend or contribute to events and community offers.
  • Develop the set-up of the Co-op model and the governance structure (supported by CSR)
  • Heathy & Safety and safeguarding.
  • Monitoring and evaluation and reporting direct to the board
  • Lead on the creation of promotional and social media content and other marketing approaches
  • Someone who is looking for a new challenge and is motivated by community transformation and working in a collaborative way.
  • Someone with knowledge and expertise of events management and marketing in a commercial or a quality community-based setting, including excellent planning and organisational skills to deliver internal and external events within timescales and budget.
  • Someone who is entrepreneurial and can demonstrate experience of this approach, including ability to manage budgets and get value for money.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including proven ability to communicate using appropriate styles, and method to maximise understanding and impact.
  • Someone with sympathy to the objectives of C of E and St Michaels and All Angels
  • A good understanding of safeguarding, and health and safety issues and how they can be sensitively implemented in a community and faith-based setting.
  • Someone who is friendly, who can relate in a positive and inclusive way with people from a wide range of backgrounds and who can establish credibility and motivate others.

St M’s Events Enterprise is a direct result of five years of engagement with the local community, where family and fun were identified as important things in people’s lives – the intention is for St M’s to connect with people in a new, vibrant and fun way creating a space where these values are paramount. It is an autonomous organisation that will be hosted by St Michaels’ Church, Paulsgrove.

St Michaels’ is the Church of England parish church for Paulsgrove, and from 1957 it has sought to serve all the people of Paulsgrove – of all faiths, or none. St Michaels provides the usual spiritual and related services – regular worship, weddings, funerals etc. as well as pastoral work, informal support, a quiet space and work with local schools and provides community activities. In acknowledging that a certain way of being and some community offers have now reached the end of their natural life, we’ve been working on revisiting our role and offers and we want to do more with our community, hence St M’s.

CSR is an independent social action charity based at the Diocese of Portsmouth that works with local parishes to increase their level of community involvement and impact, they provide expertise in engagement and enterprise.