Vicar St Marks Tollington

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Finsbury Park London

St Mark’s is a charismatic evangelical church in North London and our membership reflects the diverse, vibrant, multi-cultural area that God has placed us in. We are one of three newly created parishes within a Group Ministry, excited by all God has in store. Could God be calling you to join us?


We have a long evangelical tradition centred on faithful biblical teaching and preaching. This has matured in more recent decades to include a stronger commitment to be a more charismatic church. In a recent consultation exercise in the Church, we described ourselves as:

  • Excited about the formation of the new parish and the associated Group Ministry.
  • A community church, drawing its members for the most part from the local area, and by in large reflecting the diversity of the local community in respect of age, race, culture, background, education, socio-economic and disability.
  • A church with a great mix of people that are new, transient, returning members, and members that have been active at St Mark’s for decades
  • A worshipping community with a desire to understand better the Word of God, be more prayerful, be better at discipleship, living out our faith in more practical ways and have outpourings of the Holy Spirit.
  • A friendly, loving community of people of all ages, learning to love and serve Christ, one another and the wider community.
  • An outward-facing church which values mission, social action and evangelism, and looks for effective ways of reaching out.
  • A church with a passion and a great track record of work with children, young people and families in the church, school and wider community.
  • A church with an active and committed laity.
  • A church with a desire to be much more effective in growing God’s Kingdom, with tremendous potential and a hunger to be on fire for God.
  • A church which holds to the values of orthodox theology and supports the current Church of England’s position on marriage as defined by Canon B30.
  • A church that supports the Evangelical Alliance’s position on marriage and sexuality.
The ideal candidate for this post will work with the congregation to build on:
  • our tradition of loving ministry and service to a diverse congregation and neighbourhood;
  • our passion for mission and evangelism, ever praying for ways to reach out to others;
  • our life as a worshipping community with a desire to be helped to learn and
  • pray more, and live out our faith in practical ways;
  • our long and successful tradition of work with young people in the church and community.

We are looking for a mission-hearted vicar who:

  • is someone whose life, spiritual maturity and teaching ministry is rooted in the Bible and effectively communicates its truth in 21st century society
  • is thoroughly prayer-based and Holy Spirit led
  • is a strategic and intuitive leader who can help build a vision for the new parish
  • is a team builder, with a collaborative and enabling leadership style
  • is a servant-hearted pastor, knowing the importance of listening, caring and discerning
  • promotes male and female leadership, be it lay or ordained
  • is passionate about work with children and young people
  • is enthusiastic about enhancing our relationship with the local community

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Kathy Burch

The closing date for this post Midnight on 27 June

Interviews and visits on the 18/19 July

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