St Paul's Cathedral - Archivist and Records Manager - Maternity Cover

This job has now expired
Fixed Term Full Time
£33,200 per annum

St Paul’s draws together a very diverse set of activities, projections and aspirations. It is the Cathedral of the Diocese of London and the seat of its Bishop, a national church and an international spiritual focus, a space for worship and holiness, a place of debate and challenge, an icon of resilience in the face of adversity, an architectural heritage centre, a partner in the City of London, and a commercial enterprise. In addition to holding four services every day (five on Sundays), St Paul’s is open for sight-seeing six days a week, and in 2018 welcomed over 850,000 paying visitors.

The Collections Department works with care and imagination to be part of a centre for welcome, worship and learning which inspires successive generations to engage with the richness of the Christian faith and its heritage. We seek to engage and inspire the public; preserving the cathedral collections for successive generations and maximising their potential as a rich resource for exploring and promoting the life and work of the Cathedral and the heritage of the Christian faith.

The principal aims and purpose of the Collections Department are:

  • To fulfil the Cathedral statutory obligations in relation to inventory keeping, conservation practice and collections management.
  • To serve the needs of the Cathedral administration.
  • To use The Collections to engage the cathedral community.
  • To use The Collections to deliver public and social engagement.
  • To use The Collections to inspire a passion for St Paul’s.

The Chancellor is the Chapter member with responsibility for this area of work. The Collections Department comprises: The Head of Collections, a Librarian, an Archivist, an Object Conservator and Collections Volunteers. The department works closely with the cathedral’s Learning Departments, the Works Department, and the cathedral’s Surveyor and Archaeologist.

  • Be responsible within the team for the Cathedral Archives.
  • Be responsible for developing Records Management policies and procedures for the Cathedral.
  • Assist Cathedral Departments with the implementation of their records management.
  • Manage the storage and security of Archival material.
  • Maintain the Archive Catalogue.
  • Manage the accessioning of new deposits (including digital records), appraisal and disposal.
  • Respond to internal and external enquiries.
  • Participate in departmental outreach activities.
  • Liaise with Head of Collections and Cathedral Conservator concerning the prioritisation of conservation and care of Archive material.
  • Liaise with London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) concerning the Cathedral’s deposited Collections and the periodic transfer of Chapter Archive material to LMA.
  • Manage Archive volunteers.
  • Assist with fundraising visits as required.
  • Any other appropriate duties that the line manager, senior management or Chapter may request from time-to-time.


  • Qualified information professional (MA Archive and Records Management Administration or equivalent) and significant experience of archival work
  • Good understanding of national and international archival standards and their practical application
  • Ability to understand archival Collections and their cultural and historical context
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Good general IT skills and specialist knowledge of archive cataloguing systems
  • Experience of managing digital archives or a willingness to engage with this area of work
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Excellent organisational and time management skills
  • Ability to identify material that is particularly engaging or appropriate to themes promoted as part of the mission of the Cathedral and harness social media
  • The ability to work as part of a team while also being self-motivated
  • Interest in ecclesiastical history and architectural history
  • The ability to promote the archives through talks, tours and events


  • Experience of working with ecclesiastical and/or architectural archives

The successful candidate will be in sympathy with, and in their work support, the Christian aims and mission of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Applicants must have the right to work in the UK.

Our Mission Statement

St Paul’s Cathedral seeks to enable people in all their diversity to encounter the transforming presence of God in Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

  • St Paul’s is seen primarily as a living Christian Church
  • We will be a centre for welcome, worship and learning, and though our care and imagination, will inspire successive generations to engage with the richness of the Christian faith and its heritage.
  • Working with the Bishop and Diocese of London and the wider Church, we will be a spiritual focus for people across London, the nation and a broader international audience.
  • Our work will promote dignity and justice for everyone.

Our Values

Welcome – we all offer a warm inclusive welcome to everyone: our colleagues, volunteers and each and every visitor

Responsible – we are all responsible for each other and for part of the whole of the Cathedral’s work, not the whole of a part

Effective – we are professional and do what we say we are going to do

Nourish – we have a learning culture, not a blame culture