Archdeacon of Dorking

This job has now expired
Church House Guildford, 20 Alan Turing Road, Guildford
Stipend at the level recommended by the Central Stipends Authority with generous pension provision

This is an exciting time in the diocese, with the launch of the vision of a Transforming Church, Transforming Lives in 2016 leading to significant new missional energy in many of our churches, chaplaincies and schools. It’s been especially encouraging to witness the development of around 80 new worshipping communities since the launch, including four major projects in areas of new housing.

We have recently embarked on a major review of the services we offer, seeking to ensure that our diocesan strategy gets well embedded, that our resources are efficiently managed, and that Church House Guildford is genuinely scratching where the parishes are itching. The new Archdeacon will play a key role in the final shaping and implementation of that Review.

At heart we are looking for:

  • A strategic thinker and mission enabler;
  • A wise counsellor;
  • A credible representative in the church and wider world;
  • A gifted priest and pastor of pastors.

Vision and Strategy

Vision for reimagining and reconfiguring mission within and across the parishes so as to bring new opportunities for life and growth is essential to the ministry of archdeacons in the Diocese of Guildford. Working closely with senior colleagues and deanery leaders, it is the archdeacons who are responsible for leading on the proposed needs-based system, for recognising the need for pastoral re-organisation and for identifying the opportunities to encourage new mission initiatives and the growth of Fresh Expressions and new congregations.

Wise Counsel

Earthed in an extensive knowledge of the workings of parishes, and of the challenges and opportunities provided by the framework of church and state law and the current simplification agenda, the archdeacons are often the first point of contact for the support, counsel and encouragement of clergy and churchwardens in the diocese – not least in times of crisis. They are also a key reference point for parishes regarding mission, finances, and faculty proceedings for church buildings and churchyards.

Representing the Diocese

The archdeacons are called to a public ministry as representatives both of the diocese at a local level and the Church of England at a national level. Although the servant leadership of their deaneries, parishes, clergy and church officers lies at the heart of their role, they will also need to be credible advocates for the place of the church in wider society, forging relationships with public institutions and local authorities within their archdeaconries.

Preaching and Teaching

People of proven theological acumen, the archdeacons necessarily have a gift for preaching and teaching and are able to appreciate and sensitively conduct worship across a wide spectrum of church traditions.



  • A theology degree or relevant post-graduate qualification



  • A priest, in orders for at least six years
  • Highly experienced in parish ministry
  • Experience of parish mission and evangelism in a range of contexts


  • Experience of guiding a variety of churches through a mission planning process



  • An in-depth knowledge of the Church of England, its organisation and governance structures
  • A comprehensive understanding of the issues facing clergy personally, pastorally and professionally



  • A skilled diplomat and negotiator both within and outside of the church community
  • A strategist with the ability to prioritise, manage change and proceed calmly and constructively in times of opportunity, conflict or crisis
  • A pastor, able to listen and question, to remind, prompt and admonish cheerfully, and to inspire trust and confidence in others
  • A disciple exercising their life and ministry with resilience, wisdom, courage and calmness
  • A person of proven leadership in a parish setting who can encourage and envision clergy and laity alike
  • An excellent communicator in oral and written form
  • A manager with strong administrative, numeracy, legal and IT skills, and a working knowledge of social media

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The Diocese of Guildford covers the western two-thirds of Surrey and a significant area of north-east Hampshire. It also includes one parish in a London borough and one in rural West Sussex. In the north-east, it is largely suburban, but moving south and west, there are a number of distinct towns and numerous villages. The south-west has a more rural feel to it, but the north-east is largely suburban. The population is just over a million, rising in line with the national rate.

The Diocese has two archdeaconries, each with six deaneries, and a total of 161 parishes.A great deal of the work of the church is done at a local level by the parishes. The diocesan teams support and encourage the work of the parishes, and also work with wider networks to the mutual benefit of the church and society at local, regional and national levels.

Transforming Church, Transforming Lives is the vision of the Diocese of Guildford, launched in September 2016 following a long period of prayer and consultation. It envisages individuals and church communities open to the transforming work of God’s Spirit in their own lives, and so becoming agents of Christ’s transformation to the world around them.