Vicar Witton (Northwich) & Priest in Charge Lostock Gralam

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We are seeking to appoint a full-time Priest to lead these two parishes

Potential applicants are welcome to contact the Archdeacon of Chester, The Venerable Michael Gilbertson 01928 718834 ext 258 or email

Applications should by preference be made to the Archdeacon of Chester using the diocesan application form, by 7 July 2019. Details of the post can be found on the diocesan website here including our diocesan application form.

Interviews will be held on 19 July 2019

Alternatively applicants may use the Pathways system. For more information about the Pathways application process, please use this link

St Helen’s Witton is a prominent medieval church in the heart of the town. St John’s Lostock Gralam is a neighbouring parish with historic links to St Helen’s. The two parishes were previously served by a full-time priest at St Helen’s and a part-time priest at St John’s. This arrangement could have continued, but seizing the challenge of reaching younger generations with the gospel, the two PCCs have come together, with the support of the diocese, to reconfigure the ministry in this part of the town. We are looking to recruit a full-time priest to oversee the ministry across the two parishes, plus a new full-time lay minister working among younger generations. The resources are in place to sustain both posts. The incoming priest will work with the two PCCs to refine the exact role description for the lay minister and lead in that recruitment process.

The incoming priest will lead a very significant ministerial team across the two parishes. In addition to the younger generations minister mentioned above, there are also the following licensed colleagues:

  • A part-time self-supporting ordained Associate Minister based at St Helen’s (the Revd Jane Millinchip);
  • A training curate (Debbie Dalby, currently the Director of Social Responsibility in the Diocese of Chester) arriving at Petertide 2019, on a self-supporting basis for her first year, becoming full-time stipendiary upon priesting in 2020. Until an incumbent is appointed, Debbie will be supervised by Jane Millinchip;
  • Very active authorised lay ministry in both parishes.

St Helen’s Witton is Modern Catholic St John’s Lostock is Central in tradition. The incoming priest will live in the spacious and well-appointed vicarage at Witton.

For more information about this application process, please use this link

The Diocese of Chester is in the province of York in the Church of England, part of the global Anglican Communion. For more information about our life, ministry and work please visit our website We are linked with the Anglican Church of Melanesia in the Solomon Islands and the Dioceses of Aru and Boga in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Diocese covers an area of 1025 square miles, approximately the old Victorian County of Chester, including parts which subsequently became absorbed into Merseyside and Greater Manchester. The Rivers Mersey and Tame approximately delineate the boundary with Liverpool and Manchester. There are areas of dense urban population, mainly in the north, stretching from Birkenhead to East Manchester. There are prosperous suburban regions of West and South Wirral, Chester and south of Manchester, with a mainly rural heartland, bounded by the Derbyshire Pennines and the Welsh Border. The overall population is around 1.6 million.

The diocesan bishop is Peter Forster. He is supported by two suffragan bishops: the Bishop of Birkenhead is Keith Sinclair and the position of Bishop of Stockport is currently vacant.

The Cathedral for the Diocese is in Chester.

The Diocese is divided into two archdeaconries: Chester covering the western half and Macclesfield the eastern, each with nine deaneries. There are 273 parishes, about 100 of which can be described as rural. Compared with many dioceses, there are few teams, and few multi-parish benefices. There are approximately 231 stipendiary clergy. The ministry of Readers and Pastoral Workers is important, with over 400 licensed. The role of self-supporting ministers is increasing, with over 80 in post at present.

Roughly speaking, the Archdeaconry of Macclesfield covers that part of the diocese to the east of the M6, plus the area around Crewe and Nantwich. The Archdeaconry of Chester covers the rest of the diocese to the west of the M6. Each archdeaconry has a broad mix of urban and rural parishes. The Archdeacon of Chester lives in Chester, and the Archdeacon of Macclesfield lives in Congleton. Both now work from Church House, Daresbury.