Rector (Rural Pioneer Priest) for Benefice of Westbury, Worthen and Yockleton

This job has now expired

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Rural Pioneer Priest to be appointed as Rector of the Westbury Benefice in beautiful rural South Shropshire. Each parish has it's own unique opportunities for mission and are also committed to working together collaboratively.

How can you help our Benefice Grow?

Our shared vision for the Benefice is to maintain a vibrant and varied worshipping presence in each village. Our Benefice is praying for:

A Leader who will work with us and who:

- Can engage and connect with new disciples especially the young and develop a strong sense of God’s presence in our communities so that we can grow in faith and number;

- Will be instrumental and inspirational in introducing memorable worshipping experiences to enable the voice of God to break through to speak to us individually and collectively;

- Has a vision for mission that will nourish and nurture, encourage and invigorate, prosper and promote our Parishes with a new thirst for the Gospel message;

- Can understand the challenges and needs of our rural area and share God’s love in practical ways.

- Is prepared to reach out to those in need with empathy, energy and enthusiasm.

To spend 50% of time in the Westbury Benefice

To spend 50% of time on Deanery focussed opportunities

Our three churches all have a service every Sunday, with at least one service in the group being a Common Worship Holy Communion service, and a variety of services are on offer in the group each month. The three Readers make this workable.

We have a Church of England primary school with over 100 children at Worthen

A special aspect of this role is that the person appointed to be the new Rector of Pontesbury (separately advertised) will have a special responsibility for providing support, help and mentoring.This will ensure that the appointee has the time and energy to devote to the children’s and youth outreach aspect of the role. In respect of the latter, the Rural Dean will provide full support and encouragement in making this a reality.

A key and exciting part of this role will be the development and implementation of a mission and outreach strategy for children and young people across the Pontesbury Deanery. The Deanery MAP (Mission Action Plan) has identified that reaching out to children and young people across our Deanery is of key importance. The person appointed will spend 50% of the time carrying out this mission.

·Have a real passion for and experience of working with children and young people

·Be self-motivated, enthusiastic and resilient

·Good at working with and developing others in children’s and youth ministry

·Enjoys working as part of a collaborative Clergy Team

As a Benefice we work well together, with no one church dominating the group.We have three Readers and four people have undertaken the Diocese Lay Leader of Worship Course and we have an enthusiasm for collaborative working.

The challenge for our Benefice is to develop and use our shared resources to keep our three churches and their Christian message at the heart of each of the communities they serve. This means keeping what is good and valued in our traditions but being prepared to find new ways to reach out in worship, pastoral care and social involvement. We are prepared for and welcome change.