House for Duty/Priest in Charge

This job has now expired
Mitcham, Surrey

Priest-in-Charge, house for duty

(Two days and Sundays)

The Parish of St Olave, Mitcham, is under the episcopal care of the Bishop of Fulham and a parish in the Archdeaconry of Lambeth, Merton Deanery. It forms part of the Mitcham Group Ministry, and lies between Mitcham, Streatham and Norbury.

St Olave falls within the episcopal care of Bishop Jonathan Baker. If you would like to have an information conversation with the Bishop, please contact his chaplain, Father James - to arrange a time to do so.

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Please note we have a policy in the Southwark Diocese that to be appointed to an incumbent status post, a priest must normally have served a stipendiary title in an Anglican church in the British Isles, or, following a Candidates Panel for ministers of other Churches and Priests from other Anglican Provinces, has met the Adviser’s recommendations for appointment to posts of incumbency status, set out in a report to the diocesan Bishop.

The PCC is looking to the appointment of a House for Duty Priest-in-Charge (two days and Sundays, living at present suspended). The parish has good, transport links to London and Croydon, and is almost entirely residential in character.

The PCC would like to work with a priest who has the interpersonal skills to enliven the church and lead it forward, by developing and implementing the targets for development identified in its evolving Mission Action Plan: ‘Parents and Children in Church’; ‘Increase in Prayerful Activity’; and ‘Social and Outward-looking Activities’

He should be an educator and deepen the congregation’s knowledge and understanding of scripture and the catholic faith. Though clear about what it is to be in a Resolution parish, he should form good working relationships with the Mitcham Group clergy and encourage the people of St Olave’s to look outwards. The Priest-in-Charge should become known in the local community. He will encourage individuals to take active roles in services and in all forms of church activity.

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Since its opening in 1931 the church has had a tradition of Anglo-Catholic worship. Services follow the forms of Common Worship. There is Parish Mass on Sundays and Low Mass on one or two weekdays. Music is mostly congregational (no regular choir, but excellent organist and careful choice of hymns).

The congregation is a local one (the majority walk to church) and not an eclectic Anglo-Catholic one. Though overall numbers have not changed much over ten years, there has been constant renewal. Number on Electoral Roll: 49 (2018); normal Sunday attendance (all ages): 37 (2017); 34 (2018). There is a mix of ethnicity and nationality that reflects the diversity of the parish.

The parish of St Olave, almost entirely within the Longthornton Ward of the London Borough of Merton, lies between Mitcham, Streatham and Norbury. There is no clear ‘town centre’, and the area is almost wholly residential. In 2011 Longthornton Ward had a BME population of 42%, and the average age was 35.51 years. More recent migrants have come from eastern Europe. There are two primary schools in the parish, and two Academies on the edges of the parish accommodate 11–18 pupils.

The Parish Church dates from 1930. In a neo-Byzantine style and never completed as intended, the interior has been reordered with a near-central altar on a platform. Since 2013 the most serious fabric problems have been dealt with. Attached to the church is a hall built in 1975–6. It is used on Monday–Friday by a day nursery, and the income is an important source of church finance.