Archdeacon of Nottingham

This job has now expired
Jubilee House, Southwell, Nottinghamshire
£35400 - £35400
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The Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham is seeking to appoint an Archdeacon who, as a member of the Bishop’s Senior Team, will share in the strategic leadership of mission across the Diocese, with particular responsibility in the Archdeaconry of Nottingham. Engaging closely with the priorities for Growing Disciples, the Bishop is looking to appoint someone who will bring experience, insight and creativity in providing Diocesan-wide oversight for the development of our ministry amongst children, youth, students and young adults.

Amongst the many opportunities this position offers, the Bishop is looking to appoint someone who can:

  • Support clergy and lay leaders turning vision into action, helping to develop and implement long-term, sustainable plans for mission and growth.
  • Facilitate the planting and grafting of new worshipping communities in line with the Diocesan objectives for Growing Disciples.
  • Deliver a compelling picture for how generosity in giving, effective finance, pastoral structures and administration can release mission and enable growth.
  • Winsomely preach and teach the faith, inspiring others through a personal commitment to evangelism, out of a conviction for whole-life discipleship.
  • Contribute confidently to the awareness, delivery and adherence of all Safeguarding procedures.

*Please refer to attached Job profile for further information on the Archdeaconry, the Diocese and the role.*

Founded in 1884, the Diocese incorporates the whole of the County of Nottingham, with a few parishes in South Yorkshire. There are two archdeaconries, Newark and Nottingham. The population is 1.1m, with 257 parishes and c320 churches in widely diverse communities incorporating urban, suburban, estates, market towns, rural villages, including post-industrial contexts.

Every baptised person is seen as a fundamental part of the ministry and mission of the Church. Many engage in a wide range of leadership roles including 121 licensed clergy (91 stipendiary, 30 self-supporting), 178 retired clergy, 408 Readers/Licensed Lay Ministers.

The Archdeaconry covers the city of Nottingham and its conurbation as well as rural areas in the south of the Diocese, with a population of 650,000. Nottingham itself is a vibrant city with a much younger than average population, including 60,000 students studying at its two premier universities. It is a key regional hub for business enterprise, entertainment, sport and creative industries.

  1. Contribute fully to the leadership of the Diocese as a member of the Bishop’s Core Team, playing a strategic part in senior staff meetings, Diocesan Synod, Bishop’s Council to achieve the vision of Growing Disciples.
  2. Work executively under the oversight of the Diocesan Bishop, and collaboratively alongside the Bishop of Sherwood, Chief Executive, Archdeacon of Newark and Diocesan Registrar, and the officers and administrative staff at Jubilee House to ensure good communication, efficient administration and prompt dealing with issues.
  3. Provide convincing and enabling leadership at all levels, mentoring the Area Deans and Lay Chairs and releasing lay and clergy energy for mission and ministry within the varied cultural and social contexts in the Archdeaconry.
  4. Work closely with the Bishops, Area Deans, Lay Chairs and Churchwardens to embed engagement with the Diocesan vision within local church communities across the Archdeaconry.
  5. Exercise all statutory responsibilities as Archdeacon for 5 deaneries (see below for more details) and ensuring the provision of pastoral care for clergy, lay leaders and their families.
  6. Work closely with the Chief Executive and Chair of the Board of Finance to nurture understanding of Christian giving across the Diocese and fruitfully encourage payment of the parish share. With shared responsibility for the Deanery Share Scheme as a Director of the Diocesan Board of Finance.
  7. Manage the appointments’ process in the Nottingham Archdeaconry, working with the Bishops, Patrons, Parish Representatives, Area Deans, Parish Representatives and administrative staff in order to achieve the appointment of people who share the diocesan vision and are well suited to the opportunities within the specific role.
  8. Facilitate the planting and grafting of new worshipping communities in line with the Diocesan objectives in Growing Disciples.
  9. Conduct Ministerial Development Reviews as required, developing talent and mentoring leaders through particular challenges.
  10. Member of the Cathedral College of Canons with all attendant responsibilities and opportunities.
  11. Provide oversight and strategic leadership in Growing Disciples Younger, incorporating mission and ministry among children, youth, students and young adults. The Diocesan Board of Education is presently chaired by the Archdeacon of Newark. By agreement with the Diocesan Bishop the Archdeacon of Nottingham may be asked to take on other occasional or medium-term responsibilities towards the delivery of the Diocesan Vision.
  12. Ensure their own continued ministerial development and spiritual formation as a disciple of Christ
  13. Contribute to the awareness and delivery of appropriate safeguarding practices, and monitor with others adherence to safeguarding requirements, serving as a member of the Diocesan Safeguarding Commissioning Group.
  14. Preach and teach the faith, inspiring others with a personal commitment to evangelism and discipleship.
  15. Statutory responsibilities are set out in Canon C22 and other legislation (see attached Job Description).

The person appointed should have been in orders for at least six years. She/he will need to have:

  1. Good emotional intelligence, self-awareness, down-to-earth wisdom for life, approachable.
  2. A living faith and testimony deeply rooted in prayer, vocation and discipleship.
  3. Significant experience of parochial ministry in a role which has clearly nurtured spiritual and numerical growth and renewal over a sustained period.
  4. Gifted in teaching and preaching, with proven experience in nurture courses and discipleship formation.
  5. Leadership, strategic and management skills to contribute at all levels within the Diocese and which can be exercised across the diversity of the role.
  6. Skills and a compelling vision for how effective finance, pastoral structures and administration can release mission and enable growth.
  7. Gifts to reflect well on areas of contextual theology with a good apologetic.
  8. The ability to challenge as well as to affirm, and to be self-assured in managing conflict and change in the midst of complexity.
  9. The ability to be analytical and work well with data while retaining intuitive and emotional insight.
  10. Strategic and highly efficient organisation with a focus on implementation and outcomes.
  11. Proven capacity to be resilient and maintain healthy patterns of life and work within a role with many competing demands.
  12. Experience and clarity over the significant the responsibilities for Safeguarding.
  13. Computer literacy and a full driving licence.

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Over the last two years a refreshed diocesan vision has been disseminated throughout the diocese recognising the imperative for ‘Growing Disciples: Wider, Younger and Deeper’. We have discerned a series of priorities that we believe will facilitate growing new disciples in every parish across the diocese. We are already seeing high levels of engagement in a broad range of parishes and early numerical growth in contexts previously experiencing decline.

Our priorities are now well defined, and we believe that the outcomes we seek by 2023 are focused and measurable.

Compelled by the love of Christ we will seek to:

• Welcome 7000 new disciples into the fellowship of Christ and his church

• Commission 1000 younger leaders (especially 15-30-year olds) equipped and inspired to serve the purposes of God in the Church and society.

• Plant or graft 75 New Worshipping Communities (NWCs) across the diocese to increase our reach in telling the story of Jesus to all.

• Grow 25 larger Resourcing Churches with clear commitment to develop leaders, plant New Worshipping Communities (NWC), and disciple the young.

• Serve and pray together as 1 Church contending for the gospel in every community and sphere of public life in our city, county and region.