Andover Associate Pioneer Minister

This job has now expired
Knight's Enham


ASSOCIATE PIONEER MINISTER (common tenure interim post – 3 YEARS)

Andover’s neighbourhoods are becoming younger and more diverse. This project seeks to find fresh ways to reconnect and engage with people, particularly with those who will be moving into the thousands of new homes being built in the area. Alongside the established housing estates that were built in the 1970’s, these new development areas provide rich opportunities for us to reimagine church in a completely new context, with completely new communities.

Parochially, Andover is divided between the three benefices of Knights Enham, on the Northern side of town, West Andover and St Mary’s, a civic church in the centre of town, with a commitment to transition into becoming a Resource Church. There is a strong commitment from the leaders of the three parishes to build a foundation of collaborative working that will provide a vehicle for pioneering new forms of Church across the town. Initiatives will be possible across parish boundaries, within networks where people gather, as well as where they live. This project will be contextually sensitive and deeply relational. It will listen to the needs of people exploring faith and will respond to that need.

Beginning within the Parish of Knights Enham (North Andover), our desire is that the Pioneer Minister will work in collaboration with the other two town-centred parishes to see this ministry spread across the town.

We have begun a new venture, “Morse Gathering”, a Fresh Expression that currently gathers in Endeavour School on Augusta Park (a Major Development Area). The plan is for the Pioneer Minister to continue with this and other opportunities that ministering in a new housing estate will bring. It is intended that housing for the Pioneer will be provided on Augusta Park.

We are seeking a Pioneer with the ability to bring their own unique set of gifts, talents and calling to help us set some direction with this project. The Associate Pioneer Minister will be supported by a Pioneer Advocate, the Reverend Lee Davies, Priest in Charge of Knights Enham, who has past experience (in Liverpool Diocese) of supporting and mentoring Pioneers, and the Archdeacon for Mission Development, who will provide non-managerial support.

Our intended outcomes are:

  • 10 new fresh expressions of church (fxC) launched in Andover within three years (we are already under-way with this, with three new initiatives happening in the parish);
  • Each new fxC to include at least 20 participants;
  • At least 35% of all participants at fxC to be unchurched;
  • At least 25% of all participants at fxC to be under 30 years of age;

At least 70% of fxC to be lay-led.

We are seeking an Associate Pioneer Minister who:


  • Evidences an orthodox but generous faith, sustained by regular personal and public devotion, and key relationships that offer support and challenge
  • Is shaped by a mission-oriented spirituality, actively sharing their faith with others in word and deed, and encouraging the growth of a church that is vibrant, adventurous, and prayerful
  • Maintains a balance in their own life between work, recreation, family and friends

Worship & Preaching

  • Is completely at home with starting and growing contextually relevant expressions of worship, seeking ways to express the Gospel that connect powerfully with those that don’t yet know Jesus
  • Displays respectful understanding of the wider traditions of the Church and can preach appropriately in the various church traditions across the town

Leadership & Collaboration

  • Ministers collaboratively under the oversight of the Priest in Charge of the Parish of Knights Enham
  • Receives additional (non-managerial) support provided by the Archdeacon for Mission Development
  • Consults and collaborates with colleagues across the town (particularly the Resource Church at St Marys) in developing plans, seeking to build commitment to new initiatives, and being resolute in overseeing the implementation of plans
  • Effectively communicates a compelling vision for fresh expressions and pioneering to a wide audience
  • Offers active and confident leadership to others, but also leads with and through others, building effective teams, discerning gifts, and growing and releasing these under oversight
  • Builds relationships with other potential partners in the area e.g., schools, sports clubs, local businesses and ecumenical partners

Discipleship, Learning & Nurture

  • Has a longing and commitment to develop faithful discipleship in people of all ages, but particularly the under 40s, and will bring experience and resources to enable this
  • Will seek to develop every day discipleship appropriate to those on the edge or not part of current church culture
  • Has the courage, commitment and interpersonal skills to challenge others, and is open to personal challenge in their own discipleship

Evangelism & Social Justice

  • Displays an appreciation for the distinctive contribution of an Anglican Christian community to the common good, and active commitment to pursuing this in Andover
  • Has fruitful experience of pioneering mission and a warm and outgoing personality that they will deploy to facilitate the growth of fresh expressions in Andover
  • Brings creative ideas and new initiatives in mission, keeping up to date with new developments and learning within the Church.
  • Is a persuasive yet sensitive evangelist, presenting the Gospel clearly and confidently and helping others learn to do so too
  • Seeks to live their vocation towards achievement of the aspirations set out in the vision document to lead the growth of fresh expressions in Andover
  • Is excited to be an integral part of shaping a fresh Anglican approach to mission across a growing town

Pastoral Care

  • Is an approachable, self-aware, active listener with strong interpersonal and pastoral skills

Stewardship, Finances & Parish Organisation

  • Is a capable and effective chair of meetings
  • Is an effective manager of their own time and a competent delegator, making good use of and appropriately valuing elected officers and paid and voluntary staff (as the case may be); holding a place of authority at the heart a team
  • Develops a culture in which the sustainable but generous offering of time, talents and financial resources to support mission is intuitively lived as an intrinsic aspect of Christian discipleship and a joyful expression of love for God

Ecumenism & Links with other bodies

  • Will take opportunities to contribute publicly and proactively to the work of the Diocese and wider Church both locally, through Andover Churches Together, at deanery level, and beyond

Will be a generous partner to others who serve the common good of the community of Andover.

For more information about this application process, please use this link